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Welcoming September @ Formation LA!

Formation Pilates LA



29 Visits in 30 Days! Congratulations! Don't forget to sign up for classes and earn your spot at the top next month!


Schedule Your Classes for September! Schedule opens at 7am on the 27th for priority members! (Anyone on a 12-Month Membership) Schedule opens at 7am on the 28th for non-priority members. Contact the studio for details on how to become a priority member.


Use Your Perks! If you are on a 1 year membership this is a reminder that you have 2 FREE guest passes to use each month! A workout buddy is the best way to help motivate you to keep your commitments. If you're not a 1 year member and would like to become one to enjoy the benefits please let the front desk know. *Just call or email the front desk to let them know who will be attending for advance reservations. Cancellation policy will still be enforced.

Studio Reminders *Arrive Early to Class We'll hold your reformer for 5 minutes! *Cancel Ahead of Time Cancel 8 hours before class to avoid a late or no show fee *No Phones or Personal Items We have lockers to store your phone (off or on silent) and personal belongings.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Grip Socks We require grip socks for all of our classes for maximum support and safety during your workout. Here are some tips to keep your grip socks in good condition and your feet happy! Wash your Grip Socks on Cold Hot water can shrink the cotton and elastic used to create the innovative design of your grip socks. Wash them in cold water every time to keep your feet fitting comfortably. Don't Dry Your Grip Socks in the Dryer The heated drying cycle in your dryer can damage the adhesive soles of your grip socks over time, resulting in you sliding around the reformer during class! Keep yourself balanced and your soles firmly planted by hang drying grip socks or lying grip socks out flat on a water-proof surface to dry.


Mara Somma! Join Mara for Yoga Sculpt every Wednesday at 12:00 PM What is your favorite FPLA move? "How Yoga works differently than other disciplines is that every day your body speaks to you differently. When teaching I will offer what is needed in my students that given day." What do you love about working at FPLA? "I love the students especially the beginning Yoga students that come to take class with me. Being given the opportunity in a small student environment allows time to spend individually optimizing each pose and individualizing each person's practice." What is your favorite hobby? "My love for the horse started as a hobby and has become my current life really. We build saddles, teach people to ride the horse and offer the horses as Therapy animals."


We can't wait to see you at your next visit!

Formation Pilates LA

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