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Pilates Classes We Offer


Our flagship class prioritizes comprehensive strength training, blending Pilates principles with dynamic training methods. While some athleticism is beneficial, it caters to a broad spectrum of fitness levels, aiming to enhance overall total body fitness.



For those interested in a more traditional Pilates experience, this is the class for you. Expect to slow things down & keep the whole workout on the reformer. Great class to start with if you're new.



A Formation Pilates LA Yoga Inspired reformer class. This unique class incorporates more traditional pilates style along with slower, more controlled yoga and strength training moves. A perfect ALL level class that will leave you feeling stretched, relaxed and toned.



This class is designed for intermediate/advanced clients who want to level up their fitness regimen. Sculpt 2.0 focuses on taking the skills learned in our regular classes and adding a more intensive cardiovascular and fitness element. In Sculpt 2.0, you will experience a whole-body workout focusing on muscular fatigue, caloric burn, and endurance. This class is not recommended for anyone with injuries. Prerequisite: Minimum of 30 Sculpt classes



If you're looking for a more custom workout, or you want to address specific ailments, or you're brand new to Pilates and want someone one-on-one time, this is the perfect option! Our amazing instructors will work specifically with you and your schedule. 


For those who want a challenging class that will change your body, this is the class for you! Prepare to use every part of your body and find new ways you didn't know your body could move. Great class for all levels. 

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