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The 3 BUTs in Butt Work

Are you dying for that beautifully toned booty BUT not sure what to do? Here are some myths to help you start your journey off the right way.

Myth 1: I have to do heavy squats

Truth: The American Council on Exercise conducted an experiment on which exercises best activate your glutes. They discovered that squats are not the only exercise needed, and that there are many exercises that tone the booty! Get ready for more bungie in your life Formation Members!

Myth 2: You must lift heavy weight

Truth: Lifting a bunch of weight can be harmful to other important your back when done incorrectly (ouch!) Body weight only with higher repetitions (and the assistance of the Pilates reformer) is a great way to get the results you want and keep safe. Just pay attention to that form!

Myth 3: If I'm not sore it didn't work

Truth: Being sore in no way reflects how well a workout "worked". When you use a muscle a new way you experience little tears that will make you feel sore the next day(s). As you progress and your body gets used to a workout this will go away or be way less BUT trust us still just as keep going!

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