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Abtastic Workout @ Home for Beginners!

We all LOVE working on our abs but how do we do so effectively and efficiently all within the comforts of our bedroom? At Formation Pilates LA each class focuses on this trouble area but we have an $8,000 machine to make sure we do it properly. Unless you're lucky enough to have your very own reformer then follow this basic ab workout at home to get that flat stomach...remember DIET is also going to be a requirement!

Set 1: Plank for 20 seconds / rest (repeat 3 times). We love the video below for plank variations!

Note: as you get stronger increase the plank up to 1 minute

Set 2: bicycle crunches for 1 minute

Note: if you feel pain in your neck, back, or hips reduce the time

Set 3: Pilates hundreds (do a full set of 100 - explained in the video below)

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